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Originally Posted by VitoVino View Post
Thanks. I've had this issue before in the past after not having run for a while. It always went away with a new pair of Asics.

I've been using a pair that has less than 100 miles on them, but the issue may be that they are about 5 years old. I've heard that shoes need to be replaced after a year whether they are used or not because things break down in them. Is this true?

Anyway, the good news is, the problem is going away, not getting worse. The tendons have been hurting for about a month though. Now it's almost gone, but at times it was difficult to walk. No, I'm not stretching them out although I know I should. Is there a recommended stretch for this? I haven't been icing, but I've been massaging and using icy hot. Also magnet therapy during sleep (which helps).

I've decided to just not run with my fat belly until my weight is closer to 160 or below. Right now the weight is melting off just by going gonzo on the mountain bike. I'm getting good cardio by doing intervals and pushing big gears. So I'm thinking why risk doing damage to my tendons by running right now?
The cushioning material in running shoes hardens with age, no more than 2-3 years old at the most.

Ice massage is better. Freeze water in styrofoam cups and rub the tendons with that. 15-20 min. at a time Icy hot is really not long lasting enough and you don't want heat on inflamed tendons.

Calf stretch. Do these very gently, you're not looking for flexability right now, just a little extra circulation to the tendon area.

Lean into a wall, one leg farther back and straight. You should feel the stretch in the calf. Slowly bend the knee and the stretch will move to the Achilles. Repeat with other leg.

You may be one of the few but "mashing" big gears can damage the knees. You'll get just as good a cardio workout by "spinning" (90-110 rpm).
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