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Default I do have an example

I in fact just sent an email to customer service about this problem. I've been using the PC version for a week now and basing my choices on my percentages as well as my calories to reach a certain goal. I just noticed this morning that my percentages do not add up to 100. In the last week I have some days that get close, but today for instance is over 300 calories off.

I'll type in what it is doing and then if you want I can scan in and email my overview for today along with my foods list for today.

Here goes:
Calories 1465 100%

Fat 323 22%
Carb 469 32%
Protein 341 23%
Alcohol 0 0%
Sub Total 1133 77%
Difference 332 23%
Total 1465 100%

I hope you understand what I'm saying, let me know if you want to see the actual print out.

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