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Default TEAM FITDAY: Running and walking club

Hi all and welcome all.

This tread is for all of us working up to a race, a personal record, or just getting off the couch. Although I may have highlighted the running part of the club, walkers, stollers, and plodders are welcomed and encouraged.

The idea is to post a goal and then share your ups and downs (probably even more imporant... we're here to support one another) as you progress.

GOAL: 10K (Mission Inn, Riverside CA) Nov. 13.
I would like to do it in sub 9 minute miles.

I have use the "Run less, Run Faster" by Bill Pierse, Scott Murr and Ray Moss to train for other races and will continue this time. Their philosophy is 1 speed training day, 1 tempo run, and 1 long run per week. Each has a specific training goal with no "junk miles" as some refer to them.

So Monday I begin the 12 week training program.

What's your goal?
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