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Welcome aboard, I can relate in so many ways. I was once obese, now at 170 lbs. I'm still overweight by BMI standards. At one point in time, 20 years ago, I was also in my 190's with single digit bf%. I had it in my head that if I could just get back down to 190, it would be the same as before, it wasn't. I was still fat.

I now have a back injury, from chasing the dream of having the body I did 20 years ago. I learned through an MRI that trying to lift like a 20 year old when I'm 40 can do serious damage to my old body. I now have bulging discs, L5 & S1. After 6 weeks of going to the chiropractor, 4-5 days a week for TENS & traction, with no relief, I opted to have an epidural. As today, I've had 2 epidurals (actually 4 injections) and have another scheduled. I hope that one day I'll be back to normal and be able to do heavy squats and deadlifts, b/c I'm not done chasing that dream.

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