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Originally Posted by VitoVino View Post

I've switched to low sodium V8 Juice and this has worked out great, and of course I could always make my own but I'd rather not at this point. I've also cut way back on my dill pickle consumption (great for a low cal snack) and am supplementing with potassium gluconate tablets when I need to. I'm bike riding/running/walking 5 times a week and I sweat a ton.


Yea, making your own V8 juice seems a little extreme .

The foods that I have noticed coming in lower sodium versions are soups, tomato products and canned beans. Since I usually use them as a cooking ingredient rather that straight from the can (well, that's not quite true for soup), I appreciate being able to add my own salt.

I think the thing the government did right all those years ago was require that processors put the nutrient content on the labels. I well remember the days before that law went into effect and you had no idea how much salt, fat, or sugar was in that can - only that there was some.

Believe me the processors fought that tooth and nail, but that is what has allowed the consumer to demand better versions of standard foods. (I still can't understand why Campbells put almost a whole days serving of salt in 1 cup of soup )
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