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Well, this is a timely thread. Just last night I got out my Walmart purchased (same company as Sam's Club) Great Value brand long grain brown rice and found mealworms crawling in the bag! Talk about gross!

I looked at the bag, which was only about 2 months old (I had opened it but sealed it well after using a few cups) and noticed that there were little holes all throughout the thin layered plastic bag. Were the insects escaping or invading through these holes I wondered?

I went back to the store today and tried buying another bag of the GV brown rice. I inspected around 10 bags, and all of them had small holes, about the size of a ballpoint pen tip, throughout each and every bag. Now I knew! It was NOT my problem with the mealworms in the bag, it was Walmarts and the cheap, thin bags they are using for their Great Value rice! They use the same, thin bags for their white rice and I noticed holes in them as well.

I'm going to call the corporate office on Monday and inform them of this problem.

I wound up buy a high end brand of rice which is packaged in thick, durable plastic and it didn't have any holes in it.

Maybe I'll mention the bugs in the organic salad at Sam's Club while I've got them on the phone!

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