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I absolutely am addicted to bike riding, either road biking or mountain biking. I've tried stationary bicycles several times and they just bore me to death. It's not just the lack of scenery (and the TV just doesn't cut it), but it's that the sensation of going fast is missing, there's no exploring, and the lack of fresh air and wind for cooling is what I dearly miss while I'm on a stationary bike.

To me, a real bike is a fun workout and a stationary bike is just like work. But that's just me.

My recommendation is, if at all possible, is to consider getting a decent, inexpensive bike. Go for the real thing if you can. If not, definitely check out a stationary bike at a gym before you go and spend money on it. I know a lot of folks who buy one and then never use it. But people who buy bikes tend to use them.

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