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Thanks everybody for the great responses.

I wasn't aware that there have been more salt free/less salt versions of foods on the shelves because this is something I just never paid attention to. But I don't think this applies to canned foods. That is what I've been buying for many years and for sure they are loaded with NaCl. I was not aware that KCl was not as good at preserving.

Yeah, I'm for market demand driving things and I too am very leery of Big Brother stepping in and legislating things, but it seems like a no brainer to me to reduce the sodium somewhat in foods and substitute with potassium. I'm thinking there is a point where preserving ends and the rest of the sodium is just added for flavor. But who knows?

I've switched to low sodium V8 Juice and this has worked out great, and of course I could always make my own but I'd rather not at this point. I've also cut way back on my dill pickle consumption (great for a low cal snack) and am supplementing with potassium gluconate tablets when I need to. I'm bike riding/running/walking 5 times a week and I sweat a ton.


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