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Default The Politics of SALT

Keeping sodium levels below the maximum RDA of 2,300 mg. is unbelievably difficult. I'm thankful I don't have high blood pressure, but since I've transitioned to my new lifestyle change I've started tracking this mineral. It's also difficult to get the minimum amount of potassium, even though I'm eating a lot of fruits and vegetables (staying within my calorie budget).

I don't understand the politics. The government can act to eliminate Trans Fats yet it seems oblivious to fixing the problem of excess NaCl in our foods. Everyone is well aware that most Americans are getting excessive amounts of sodium and not enough potassium in their diets.

There appears to be an easy fix, one that I've just started using personally. There's a "Lite Salt" which is 50% NaCl and 50% KCl. It takes a little bit of getting used to, but it's not difficult. The rub with the potassium chloride is that it has a "metallic aftertaste". But in this ratio, it's fine in my opinion.

So I wonder "Why can't the government require the food industry to start using a product like this, one that would halve the sodium and increase the potassium of everything we eat/drink?"

Just think of the health benefits! While the cost of the salt mixture would be greater, less could be used because it is more "salty". It appears that the cost would not be prohibitive, yet the benefits would be tremendous.

Does anyone else think that it's time that Americans started pushing politicians to look into this matter?

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