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Originally Posted by lalagoe View Post
The 10g sugar rule for cereal is in our house too. (although my husband sneaks some Lucky Charms into the groceries from time to time) There are kid's cereals out there that aren't as high in sugar. I get my daughter cereals that I know are not healthy... but at least they have less sugar. (cookie crisp, peanut butter crunch) I have her drink some Odwalla Superfood with it or some soy milk or something. Then she gets to feel like a kid... and I get to feel less guilty.
When I first started on the healthy journey, I let my kids off on a few of the details, one of them being breakfast cereals. But I've gotten tougher about it as I've gone along. One of the reasons I was obese to begin with was poor eating habits I developed during childhood. Two of our 3 children are a little on the chubby side and would be junk food junkies if I let them, so I figure what's good for me is good for them. Besides as a mother you should never feel guilty about teaching your children healthy habits, just the opposite really. My kids actually really like Kashi, and there is another one of the Total cereals they love, and they like Kix too. So you can be a hard core healthy mom and drag the kids along and still find cereals they will like.
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