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Originally Posted by almeeker View Post
The ad for Nutella is hilarious, the woman spreads it on what looks to be some sort of multi whole grain bread and says that it helps to get healthy food down her kids, the ad never comes out and says that Nutella is healthy (good thing it doesn't). Of course Nutella helps to get healthy food down your kids, a spoon full sugar helps the medicine go down too, but nobody ever talks about the side effects from the spoon full of sugar.

Don't even get me started on Kellogg's, it's a real shame that a huge company like that puts high fructose corn syrup in EVERY PRODUCT THEY MAKE. I won't buy it anymore, end of discussion. Our kids know that if it contains more than 10g of sugar per serving, it's flat out not going in the cart. Some of the General Mills cereals that appear to be quite sugary are actually not too bad. The kids actually like Kix, and some of the Cheerio flavors, Captain Crunch even makes the cut.

The other day I was at Wal-Mart on "free sample" day. They were handing out little cups of Yoplait with a tsp of granola dumped on top of it. The kids and I all took a sample, it was so sugary that none of us really cared for it. Anyway the sample lady is a friend of mine and tried to give me extra coupons, cause she knows if it's a really good coupon I'll use it. I told her, "thanks, but I don't usually buy Yoplait no matter the price, because every single one of their products contains high fructose corn syrup". But she was like "this is their NEW healthy line, blah blah blah". So she picks up the container and we read the ingredients, ta-da item 3 "high fructose corn syrup". Healthy my big white butt.
The 10g sugar rule for cereal is in our house too. (although my husband sneaks some Lucky Charms into the groceries from time to time) There are kid's cereals out there that aren't as high in sugar. I get my daughter cereals that I know are not healthy... but at least they have less sugar. (cookie crisp, peanut butter crunch) I have her drink some Odwalla Superfood with it or some soy milk or something. Then she gets to feel like a kid... and I get to feel less guilty.
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