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Originally Posted by fat_in_vt View Post
Mike having a dog means that you have to think about if your going to be walking by a house with another dog who may come running out after your dog, it means not walking along certain roads because of heavy traffic. You'd be surprised how much easier it is to plan a route, when your only walking yourself.

Thank you for welcoming me. I hope to help others and work my to a lesser person.
Gotcha, I have a dog and I know what it's like having another dog come after you but if it becomes an issue to walk with your dog, why not just leave the dog home and walk alone? It ticks me off when someone is dumb enough to leave an aggressive dog (or any dog) to roam free in a neighborhood. I think the owner should be shot and the dog should be picked up. But that's just me.

Like rmdaly said, you already know what to do, you've done it before. Good luck.

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