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Hi Mary,
I agree with the others... the first rule is to have fun, then worry about managing your weight.

I just got back from a 2 week vacation with lots of old friends and family, good food and drink, and not much rigorous exercise, but some of walking a some hiking. I definitely picked up a few pounds, but all in all I was pretty happy with myself.

A couple of tricks that worked (mostly) for me were:
1.) As much as I love good bakeries, I avoided them especially the temptations at breakfast. This was about the only NO rule I enforced on myself.

2.) When the option was available I picked fruit as a side or occassionally the main course. This work well for breakfast and sometimes lunch.

3.) I tried to stop for a coffee with whatever I wanted in it, but no sweets, every afternoon. That way I wasn't starving for dinner and got a little jolt so I could keep going w/o a nap. BTW this was easy to do as I was in OR and WA with tons of great coffee shops.

4.) At dinner (when the beer and wine was always flowing!) I started by drinking a big glass of water. One of the problems I have with travel is staying hydrated. I am usually on the over-hydrated side at home, but find it more convenient to stay a little under hydrated when I travel to avoid having to make pit stops every hour. So by dinner time I am often thirstier than I realize and have been know to chug the first glass of beer or wine without even realizing it .

5.) No junk food. If the offerings weren't something I was really looking forward to, I would either skip it or substitute a protein bar. Again I didn't have to invoke this rule very often being with foodie people in OR and WA.

6.) Pack a few healthy snacks to keep yourself fed, and to substitute when burgers and fries are the only offering.

Some how I just can't image you letting yourself go totally wild on the fatty foods, but I know how a couple of glasses of wine can over rule even the firmest of resolve .
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