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Post Low Carb Trick

One of my favorite ways to lower the carbs at dinner is to make "mashed potatoes" from cauliflower or yellow squash/zucchini.

Just boil up a head of cauliflower (or squash)- I put either salt or bouillon in the water, as it takes less salt to flavor while cooking than if you add it at the end. Boil until soft enough to push a knife into easily.

Drain it very well - very important. Mash it like you would potatoes, adding a little soy milk (or whatever you use at home) to get it creamy. I add a tablespoon of dried potato flakes to the batch to help it get the right consistency, but it isnt necessary if you have drained it well.

Add pepper, garlic powder, onion powder, and salt to taste. Grated Parmesan is also good.

I have served these to people who had no clue they weren't eating potatoes!
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