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I won't even wear pantyhose. I can not stand being uncomfortable! What you see is what you get with me. If someone doesn't like it, that's their problem!

I recently had to wear a sexy red dress that is a thin fitted material. Wearing one of those body ones (don't know what they are called) probably would have made me look "awesome" lol when I wore it. But as long as my dress wasn't see through and no pantylines showed, I didn't care.

I secretly ditched the pantyhose/torso ones when I was in a fancy wedding. The bride and I made a "giggle stop" in the bathroom right before we lined up and I said "AWWWWW the FREEDOM!!!!" and tossed them. She "well damn!" and decided to toss hers too! You can't even tell in the wedding photos because my legs were tan anyways. We were trying not to crack up since there were over 300 guest watching, I think I snorted a few times!

I will wear boy shorts under certain short dresses but that's so I don't accidentally flash anyone. (ever walk over a subway grate in NYC, haha!)
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