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Hi there, i just joined fitday and was hoping to find other who are doing this as well ... I'm doing the anabolic diet approach - i'm on day 24 and LOVE eating this way, i could easily do it for life - my strength gains have been so great (i think it's the added protien) and by now, I rarely get hungry, I have to make sure I eat. I've only lost 2pds but have always been a slow loser. I think I have to drop my calories more during the weekdays and will still enjoy a carb up weekend. Lemme just say I lost the 2pds while adding about 700 - 800 cal PER DAY!! I used to survive on 1200 - 1400cal / day but now on this plan I hit about 1900 cal day!!! and still lost. It's difficult to eat that much and now my appetite is waning so I think it's time to drop because I'm feeling to stuffed and disgusted by the evening ... lol. Lemme know how you are still doing on this ... I am 143pd as of today and want to get to about 118 by mid Jan. while maintaining or building all my hard earned muscle. Training is only 3x/wk circuit style weights on 2 days and 1 heavy lift day. Will add 2 days of cardio starting next week is the plan. Pls post or pm me - I would love to hear more on your progress or any tips.
thanks! Salina
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