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Default "part of this complete breakfast"

It cracks me up when I see these commercials, but it's a shame that people probably think that "part of this complete breakfast" means that it's good for you. You can turn on the TV and see a commercial for something like Lucky Charms that says the same thing.

You may look in the background and see a glass of milk, juice, toast, eggs, whatever. Everything in the background may be the "complete" breakfast, nutrition wise. The crappy bowl of Lucky Charms is just a part of it, hell the napkin, spoon and table would also be part of it.

I think that we take too much as the truth, but even the truth can be misleading. We just have to keep our eyes open, think logically and filter out the crap information from the REAL truth. Speaking of how the truth can be misleading.... I've gripped about this in the past, so if you've read it already, I apologize. During my weight loss I had many cheat days. A good Butterfinger has always been my weakness. I've had them on occasion through this journey. I could say that I lost 40 pounds while eating Butterfingers and IT WOULD BE TRUE.... but very MISLEADING.

I had a friend come by the other day and said that he got the Shake Weight, I've never used it so I can't say if it works but I made an obvious point to him. He acted out the motion of the Shake Weight, you know the one that I'm talking about. He then claimed that it works like a 60 pound dumbbell. My next question was "I have a 50 pound dumbbell, do you want me to get it to see how well you can shake it?", as you can imagine he declined. Then he held his hand up and did the shaking motion and said that with the shake weight he can feels his arms burning and get sore. I told him that my arms get sore when my hands are above my head while installing a ceiling fan, without shaking.

So basically this was my useless rant for the day. This morning when I was eating my egg, bowl of oatmeal, drinking my glass of V8 juice, took my 2 fish oil pills and my daily vitamin I thought 'this may be close to a complete breakfast'.
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