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I've done WW a few times and did very well on it all times, with the exception of the last time. My husband did it once and did very well on it.
I think it is a very good program. I like what the first poster said...that if it works for you...then continue. They teach you how to eat, portion control and give you lots of support. I personally, find this a little better than doing Fit Day alone. I have done both and like both, but the WW support is very helpful. I did WW the first time when I was very young and then did it several times afterward with success. Seems it doesn't totally "stick," although each time it took me longer and longer to regain the weight. The last time, I was over 50, hypothyroid, etc. and WW didn't really work for me. AND the last few times I did it, I found that I could eat very few breads or I personally modified the program a bit to get the results I wanted. Then, like I said, the very last time, it didn't particularly work. Today, I am doing other tihings...something like the paleo diet, etc. and getting good resullts with that. I visit my doctor often...she is helping me. I DO find that support is very important when it comes to weight loss. Well, I guess that answer was kinda long (sorry). I would try WW with an open mind and give it several weeks. Remember, you can always tweek it a bit to suit your body. If all that doesn't do the trick...then discuss it with your doctor and look for another program that makes sense for you.
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