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Teela - How awful for you. I'm impressed that you're sticking with your program w/o the results, I don't know if I have that kind of will power.
With that kind of workout you may be loosing fat and gaining muscle and, as you know, muscles weigh a lot more than fat. Are you tracking your measurements? Are your clothes fitting you differently?
Are you using Fitday to track your food and activities? I recommend it b/c the reports show your daily macronutrients as well as what your target calories should be. It's very important not to eat too little since that will make your body go into starvation mode and it will not let go of the fat! Your calorie intake may be too low for that kind of workout.
I hope you find the answer to your problem. If the calories are what Fitday recommends then if it were me, I'd go to an endocrinologist or internist to check my thyroid and hormone levels.
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