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I'm all for including carbs in your diet, but making them good quality ones. A baked potato, for example, doesn't have to be slathered with fat.. just add a very little bit of fat. A sandwich can be made with thinly sliced bread and very little mayo or butter (fats). And pumped up with tomato and lettuce and onion and any other raw veggies! It ends up being very filling. If you are somewhat addicted to the convenience of sandwiches, that would make them less caloric. When you look at the carbs number at the end of the day, pay MORE attention to the number of calories at the end of the day. Fitday gives you guidelines for the calories you need, given your weight and height, etc.

If you are determined to use sugar (not artificial sweetener), then just cut the sugar in half.

I, once upon a time, took cream and sugar in my coffee. Then just milk. Now, nothing in my coffee. Just black. It was a gradual progression. But it worked.

I also have a baked potato at a restaurant and use only one small pat of butter, no sour cream. I take home the other pats of butter they give me, and the sour cream (all in individual containers) and keep them in the fridge for my husband to use. I don't miss them.
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