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Thanks again guys.

Progress so far is stupendous!! I've lost 9lbs as of this morning

But it's not even about the weight - I honestly feel like I've had a bolt of lightning hit me these past few weeks - it's like all of a sudden I 'get it'! I have done alot of work on my self-esteem over the years so I believe it's all come together at a time when my son is now old enough to help around the house, make his own breakfast etc. 9years of caring solely for him - now it's my turn (I won't neglect him tho..promise)

I don't think they sell any of the stuff you have both suggested in Ireland though - am I right about the artificial sweetners?? I don't want to deprive myself of anything either and would rather do without tea/coffee if I couldn't have milk and sugar in it.

I suppose if I went into a health food store and got a 'healthy' artificial sweetner it might be better than the store bought one??
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