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Mary, just re read your post.

In your search for bread, the whole grain is one part of what you should look for but you want a bread that is low fat, and low calories as well.

You may have to go to a couple of places before you find it.

As for your tea, and coffee, and porridge, the sugar does not really have that many calories, but, I believe it triggers an insulin response which you will have to gogle to get the exact information on why you wouldn't want that as I would be unable to explain it.

I am having a coffee right now (2nd one), and I have a zero calorie stevia sweetner in it. I hate coffee without sweetner and milk.

Also from what I have been researching, you should keep the fats really low.

I recently found a cheese made with soy, so while there is 4.3 grams of fat in my cheese, it isn't coming from animals which makes it healthier, but still, too much of it will add to my spare tire.

By the way, how is it going so far?
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