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Hi Everyone,

Good news on the reduction in meds Nancy. You must be feeling much better - I'm so pleased.

Thanks for the advice Jackdup (love the name) I will bear it in mind. I ought to watch the carbs because of my diabeties.

Hi Jules, well done on the initial loss. It gives you such a boost to actually achieve a loss doesn't it? Giving up the alcohol is a great idea as it is just "rubbish" calories and saves money - two plus points in my book! I shall be sticking to my half a glass of lager on a Saturday night when we have a takeaway (Chicken Tikka main meal with salad, if you please).

I haven't been using the food tracker on here as that puts me on a "Proper Diet" which instantly makes me cheat and I can't keep up longterm. I have been cooking healthily at mealtimes with lots of salad and water at the table. If I feel peckish I have a large glass of water with ice in and if I am still hungry when I have finished drinking it I have a piece of fruit. I have been trying to keep busy as I am a Boredom Eater (the house and garden have never been so tidy!). Walking the dog is also another way to burn some calories.

This has to be a change of HABITS as much as anything else. I know that I have got into some longterm, lazy and (to be honest) greedy habits that I have to break or I shall lose it all and then put it back on when I go "Off Diet". I have been losing 1lb a week on average and, actually, I am happy with that. All the years of dieting have taught me that there is no "quick fix". The weight crept on slowly and I am happy for it to creep off slowly, its more likely to stay off then.

I have weighed this morning and am....... 211.6lb. So hopefully next week I shall be back where I was before I went on holiday. Hey ho!

Take care everyone and happy dieting.

start: June 2, 2011 - 219lbs
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