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I'm new to this forum, any type of weight-loss forum, really. Over the years the pounds have crept up on me, so instead of paying for and trying some ridiculous fad diet I thought this would be the perfect for my weight loss goals. The calorie intake/burn is a little confusing to me - because according to my age/weight/height it says I burn 2197 calories per day DOING NOTHING. I try to work out 20-30 minutes a day on my Total Gym, but that still seems like alot of food to eat in a day's time for weight loss. I am aware that eating too little will put my body into 'starvation' mode, so I'll continue to read the forums to get my questions answered. I guess I'll know if I'm doing it correctly soon enough!
I haven't taken my measurements - I'm sure they'll be important to me for those weeks I don't lose pounds, but lose inches - but to be perfectly honest it takes all the discipline I can muster in order to just do a daily food log. Wish me luck -
**Ok - I see where I screwed up on the calorie intake. I should be only eating 1196 per day. That makes WAY more sense!**
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