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Stacey: Nothing can elate me or consume me more than issues with my children! After raising 4, (still have a teenage daughter at home) I feel your pain. Though I haven't gone through divorce, certainly my kids have tried the divide and conquer technique to get their way. My husband and I haven't always been on the same page, and we learned the hard way that we had to create a united front for the well-being of the kids. So talking with your ex was a good idea. Secondly, I have not hesitated to get professional help in the way of a good family counselor to help work through tough times either the kids were having or we were having. Often people wait too long before taking this step hoping the problem will work itself out. I know I've waited until problems at school occurred either with grades or behavior. If you decide to take this route, your pediatrician may be able to suggest a good counselor. That's what we did and it helped us out immensely.

Good for you for having the honesty to ask for suggestions! Maybe someone else out there has some other ideas for you. Certainly what ever you decide, please continue to take good care of yourself.
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