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Hi Teela,
Stacey is probably on to something. You might look pretty carefully at your protein consumption. Although FitDay doesn't do it, as a vegetarian, you are probably aware of the need to balance your essential amino acids. Trying to rely on plant-based sources exclusively for balancing your amino acids can be tough. Soy can really help, but you might look into a whey-based protein supplement while you are on a calorie restricted diet.

I was pretty strongly opposed to such things not too long ago - plastic food, and all that - but as a temporary measure while restricting my calorie loads, protein powders, shakes and other drinks have really helped keep the amino acids balanced without the fat that usually accompanies animal based protein including a lot of dairy.

Good luck, you sound determined so I know you will figure this out and be on your way to the size and shape of your goals.
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