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I'm not sure if he'll be joining the forums or not, I'll leave that up to him - probably not though.

I had lap-band surgery 2 years ago (almost to the day) and had reasonably good success; I went from around 120kg/264lbs down to 89kg/195lbs but then I met my fiance (our relationship was a bit stressful in the beginning due to his ex causing dramas) and I took on a new job role which was extremely stressful and let's just say that I seriously lost my way. I'm disappointed and embarrassed that I've gained back half of what I lost (so much so that I dare not see my surgeon) but I am pleased that we are doing something about this together.

It would be impossible to diet with him not doing the same; I don't have a very strong will power, I give in to temptation very easily when I'm not monitoring/being monitored which is why he and I being linked on FitDay as friends really helps.

We've joined a brand new 24hr gym, but unfortunately it doesn't open for another 3-4 weeks - we can't wait until it does though, it'll be great!
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