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Question Burn belly Burn!

I am 1 year post-baby #2 and have no intentions of having more. My abdomen used to be pretty cute... now there's this little fat pad (as well as some extra loose skin) around my mid-section. I understand that crunches will build muscle - and I've been doing at least 100/day, but how do I burn off that fat? Will crunches help burn fat? Will daily cardio burn this off?
My diet is relatively a healthy one. My carbs are just over 50% and my fat is just over 25% (a little more than I'd like). protein meal bars, fresh fruit/veggies, hummus and veggie wraps, lean chicken (and probably a bit too much pasta) I'm trying to cut back the fat and up my protein a bit... my carbs are usually whole grains.
Any suggestions for diet or exercise to help the midsection? I know I'll never have the abs of my pre-baby body... but I'd like to be able to wear a bikini again someday.
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