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Hi Krissy, welcome to FitDay. You got some really great advice above, so instead of something to do, I'm going to offer you something to think.

Your post asks about losing baby weight. I'm going to suggest that you stop thinking about it as "baby weight." From your post in another thread, you started getting heavy at about ten years old (I did as a child, as well), so baby weight doesn't tell the whole story, even though it may have contributed to put you where you are now. It was helpful to me to take a look at a lifetime of bad habits and start to replace them with healthier ones. Making a lifestyle change is the way to get it off and keep it off.

Having kids is an excellent don't want them to grow up struggling with their weight, so every good choice you make is one you make for them as well, and you will feel awesome about doing it.

As for your other question, they say one to two pounds per week is usually a good rate, though the heavier you are at the start of your journey, the quicker the initial pounds will come off. Just make sure you eat enough to keep yourself going physically (I experience a weight loss stall when I go below 1200 cals a day, but not everyone does) and that you are satisfied enough that you don't feel deprived enough to let loose bingeing on something. That's probably trial and error.

Good luck! If you have any other questions, feel free to post here or in any of the other forums!

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