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Default Down 165#, up 45#, now down 40#.

I lost 165# in about 14 months, then decided I had the tiger by the tail. How wrong I was. I put on 45# over the next 10 months, even though i was working out everyday, ran several 1/2 marathons, a full marathon, and was riding bike. That experience reiterated what I already knew, I had to track my calories. When I lost the original 165# i used fitday and tracked everything. I got re-focussed about 7 weeks ago and am doing well. I am down 40# and am a few weeks away from being at my previos low, boy it feels good. I felt my resolve and sense of accomplishment slipping away as I put the weight back on, now I feel stronger than ever, and will reach my goal of losing 1/2 my weight. I started my journey at 386#, and will get to 193#, and hold it there.
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