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Teela Not sure how much help I can be lol. I’m 5’9” & started at 224 lbs back in 2008. Got to my goal kept if off for a year. I’ve let some weight creep back on & so I’m here for a ‘tune up’ so to speak. Trust me if I can do it you can do it. Just reading what you posted about what you eat I have a few questions. You don’t eat meat is that because you are a vegetarian? If so I don’t see how you are replacing that protein. I’m just guessing here, but your body needs protein. I think your calories are okay, but it could be that you are just not feeding your body the right balance of foods. My suggestion would be add some protein to each meal, cut back on the fruit & grains. Don’t cut out the fruits & grains just adjust the amount to make room for the protein. Lots of veggies & water is good. You are going to have to tweak things a little until you find what works for you. That’s why journaling your food is so important. You can then go back day-by-day & see what worked & what didn’t. hope that helps. I’m sure there are others on here that will have much better advice that I do…lol.
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