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It seems to me that I eat more that I did before, but my choices are much healthier, and I log and count every gram of fat carb and protein throughout the day.

Since, September 26th, I haven't cheated once, haven't needed to.

No beer, no ice cream, no pastries,nothing.

It shouldn't have to be a struggle and you should be eating the correct amount of calories per day in the correct percentages, and also (very important) to eat all throughout the day, like every 2 or 3 hours.

There is no way that you can be craving food.

I went the other day to look for low fat and low sugar toppings for some health crackers that I found.

I came back from the store with preserves (no sugar), reduced fat cheese made with soy, and some cream cheese, and a spicy version of guacamole.

Cream cheese! you say, yup, but I only use a tablespoon at at a time, where before, I would have eaten at least half of the container in one sitting.

oh yeah, and drink so much water, that you are in the bathroom peeing most of the day.

"I'm jacked up, and I aint goin' back!"
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