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Thumbs up I wouldn't run.....

I recently read that as an efficient way to burn fat is to do your cardio in the morning before eating because there is nothing else to burn but fat.

What I started to do is 3 times per week my cardio is walking up 7 flights of stairs 15 times.

FYI cardio should be when your heart rate is in the fat burning mode.

Running is killer on your body, it is much better to walk, and basically, you burn the same amount of calories.

If you are able to join a gym, it would be a great idea to start going and lifting weights, because in addition to burning fat, you want to build and maintain whatever muscle that you have now.

You may not see the muscle yet because there is fat on top of it, but it is there, and you need it.

Look at Mike's pics, especially the final pic, he looks great and hopefully in another 6 to 9 months you will start looking the same, keep up the good work.
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