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Default Advice needed ~ sort of off topic

This is off topic well sort of. Iím an emotional eater so I need to find better ways to deal with lifeís ups & downs other than eating. Which is why Iím posting this problem. Iím pretty sure this will help. A bit of background I have a ds who is 9 he has ADHD as well as other learning challenges & auditory/short term memory problems. I have an ex-husband who hardly sees his son. He thinks work is more important that spending time with his son. I need some advice since leaving my ex Iíve noticed my son telling more lies. Not big lies, but still lies. Probably in the class of white lies. Just things like did you brush your teeth? Yes. When I knew he hadnít. Did you eat all the granola bars? No. When heís the only one who eats them & they are all gone. But I guess he told his Dad that he didnít go to school last week he sat home every day watching TV, & that Mommy isnít giving him enough food. Which is bull. So now I have to defend myself to ex that YES our son did go to school & heís eating more than enough food. Iíve talked to my ds & said when you tell lies like that people arenít going to believe you when you tell the truth. I noticed when he was with me that his lying did improve, BUT now heís regressedÖ~sigh.~ I think some of it is just kid stuff like the not wanting to brush his teeth. When he does tell me the truth I do make a big deal about it lots of positive reinforcement. Which I suggested to that his dad do the same this morning. I know my son also has problems with his short term memory, heís annoyed that his parents arenít together, and could he be trying to play his dad & I off each other mom doesnít give me enough food. Iím not sure what to do. I did ask my ex that when he makes a claim like that, that seems out of character for me. Like hello I just willy nilly let my son sit home for a week watching tv that he calls our sonís bluff & call me right away. I know ds at times makes up stories, because of his auditory/short term memory problems he wants to feel Ďnormalí so instead of oh come on your donít remember heíll fill in the blanks, add to that the white lies kids tell at times, plus add to that trying to play mom & dad off each other. I donít know what to do.

Please any advice or suggestions would be appreciated. Iíd like to get a handle on this while heís young.
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