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Hi Acdcslipnot

As long as you've got no heart/joint issues flaring up more cardio won't hurt you as such, especially the bike, running mmmm...

One problem with cardio is that it can really ramp up your hunger (does me anyway)as it uses different energy stores to muscle building and you can loose muscle mass with it too. Loosing muscle mass means loosing a calorie burner

My advice would be to change your weights. If you can get to a gym (preferably old school) you want to ditch the isolation exercises (lateral raises/curls etc.) and do big compound exercises squat/deadlift/bench press/bent over row/shoulder press/front pulldowns. Just a couple of sets, a weight that allows 8-10reps to near failure (can just finish your last rep). These exercises use all the big muscles of the body, build muscle and burn fat better by both building muscle and muscle needing more energy to 'exist' Just once or twice a week.

If you're at home, bodyweight/hindu squats, push ups, elephant walks, short fast walking/sprints intervals up stairs or a hill. You're looking for intensity of work out not duration.

Hope this helps.

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