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My hubby is the same way. In the past, if he is feeling "flabby", he does some sit-ups and push-ups for about a week, and gets back into shape. He doesn't have to watch what he eats, but he is also a naturally healthy eater - would prefer fruit to chocolate any day (not me!).

He has the same philosophy, Laura - "just eat less and exercise more, it's not that hard". I have worked really hard this last year to lose about 22 lbs, and though he is supportive, he doesn't understand the work involved. I have to track every calorie and really think about what that cookie is going to do to my day. I hope some day it won't be so hard.

I do the same with restaurants - try to get online and see their menu so I can plan what to get. Then I don't get too off track when I get there. I also always order water to drink and veggies instead of fries/rice/potatoes as the side.

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