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Originally Posted by rebekah_marie View Post
It may seem odd to share really personal feelings with total strangers, but somehow I think posting this will make me feel better.

I just joined fitday today and am really ready to get serious. I need to lose 25 pounds that I gained because of depression.

Here are my thoughts, I'd like to just get them "out there"... and I'd love to hear any of your thoughts in return.

Why do I want to lose weight?
1. To be a good example for my kids. I want them to eat healthy foods and they won't if I don't set a good example.
2. To be healthy. I don't want to end up diabetic or on medication for high cholesterol or high blood pressure anytime soon. It's just not worth it!
3. To feel better. I am sick and tired of feeling sick and tired. I know that most of the times that I don't feel good are because of what I am eating. I even have had lots of warnings from my digestive system about what I've been eating, so I need to listen!
4. To look better. I know that is supposed to be the shallow reason but it's true. I want to look good, and be able to buy cute clothes, and not dread shopping. I want to be able to take my kids to a pool or beach and play with them in the water without being self-conscious all the time about what I look like in a bathing suit. I also know that my husband wouldn't complain if I lost some fat and gained some muscle.
5. To fit into my old clothes. I have a whole closet full of cute stuff that I can't fit into. My next goal: the grey Calvin Klein dress. After that: my black dress from years ago.

What am I willing to give up to accomplish this?
I don't know. This section of my journal will have to be a work in progress I guess.

Why is this so hard?
1. I like food. I like cooking. I like eating.
2. I do the cooking and therefore I choose foods that I really like. This means it will be more tempting to overeat.
3. I do the grocery shopping, so same problem... I choose foods I like and therefore it's more tempting to eat too much.
4. The whole world eats too much and bad stuff!!! OK at least all the Americans. Nearly everything that is available at restaurants is bad for you and/or huge portions. Starbucks is bad. Fast food is bad. Pizza is bad. Parties are bad. Desserts are bad. It seems like our whole culture revolves around food and the food in question is the worst kind! Do you ever see anyone getting out an apple to celebrate? No, they get out champagne or make a cake! It just feels like having fun and/or being happy is deeply tied to eating unhealthy foods. I guess if it were just once in a while it would be ok anyway but it seems like there is some "special occasion" every week or even more than that.
5. I eat when I am stressed, tired, or lonely (which feels like all the time). I know I do this, but I don't know how to stop. For example, when my son was sick with a serious infection I gained some of the weight back that I had previously lost. But how to stop? This section is also a work in progress.

Thanks for reading.
Your reasons for wanting to lose weight:
1. Great. Leading by example will teach them well and break a viscous cycle that gets passed on from generation to generation.
2. Another great reason. Losing weight have gotten countless people off medications... including depression meds!
3. Very true. 'You are what you eat.', eat like crap and you'll feel like crap.
4. Not shallow at all, ESPECIALLY WHEN DEPRESSION IS INVOLVED. Who doesn't want to look better?
5. Fit in to your old clothes? lol You'll want all new clothes when you get to that point. So instead of celebrating with food, celebrate by buying some new clothes.

What are you willing to give up? The answer should be bad habits, putting yourself first, etc. But as you know, that's up to you. Some people jump in with two feet and others gradually make changes, but both type make the change.

Why is it so hard? Because we let it be.

1. You are surround by people here that like food and eating. You just have start liking healthier choices. You like to cook and grocery shop? Great then you control what's being served, right?
2. Read ^
3. Again, read #1
4. Yep Americans are fat. Let those things you listed be THEIR excuses, not yours, plan ahead when going out to eat, etc.
5. How do you stop? Take control! Own it. If you feel tired, maybe you're bored, go for a walk. Even if you are truly tired, a short brisk walk will energize you and help you clear your mind.
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