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In the course of my life I've had periods where I was totally out of shape and periods when I was in great shape, and of course every shade of physical fitness in between. When I'm in really good shape it doesn't matter what I do, generally speaking nothing makes me sore, tired yes but I flat out do not get that "sore for days on end" feeling. I've spent 4-5 hours every day for the last 3 bent over in the garden pulling weeds, and I'm not sore at all. 2 years ago that would have put me on pain killers for a solid week. If your workout is bringing on a sweat, then it's burning calories for certain. You could try to push your weights up a bit and see if that gives you some additional fatigue, but I don't know that your workout has to be painful to be beneficial. You might also throw a different workout into the mix, like yoga, which is great for building muscle but also excellent for flexibility, or change one of your running days to biking. If you can do an hour of yoga and not feel crippled the next day then I would say you're probably in great shape and do not need to worry that your workout isn't enough.
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