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Question If I work out..shouldn't I be sore? (Long...sorry)

So I've been thinking...when I do different things around the house like planting full flower beds in one day, or dragging out like 15 wheelbarrows of watercress while in calf deep water or raking all the grass clippings from overly thick grass in my .75 acre yard I feel it the next day or two. Usually in my shoulders or lower back. Sometimes in my legs too.

But I work out 3-5 days of the week for about 40-45 minutes and am not sore the next day. Or really even worn out that day from it. So am I not driving myself hard enough?

Forgive me for what is about to follow may not make sense but this is what I do....teminology may be wrong so I will try to describe each thing.

On the home gym with weight set at 40lbs 3 sets of 15 of each exercise below (Most days the last set of 15 I up the weight to 50lbs)
Leg Lifts (feet together under a bar and from 90* bent to extended)
Lateral press (hands about shoulder height with elbows bent, press straight forward until straight arms)
This I have no term for but a bar above my head and I pull it down to my chin with hands facing me, then facing away from me.

Then I head upstairs, usually stop and have a glass of water and put laundry in the washer or dryer along the way.

Get out the 10lb dumb-bells. Lay down and do 50 crunches. Then hold legs off the floor to tighten abs while I use the weights to lift 60 times.
Still laying on back. Bend legs and hold in air, while straighten leg lift weight till straight armed then bend legs and bend arms till weight almost touches floor near my head (15 times).
Stand up. On one leg, other leg extended behind me use dumb-bells to row at shoulder height (15 times) switch legs, do again.
Feet shoulder width apart, dumbell in each hand, do curls from between knees up to shoulders then stand up and do curls again (2 each position x 15 reps)
Feet shoulder width apart, dumbell at shoulder height raise to toes and lift dumbell to straight arm above head x 15 times
Feet shoulder width apart, dumbell in each hand, bend at waist till weights at ankle height, stand back up then press weight above head until straight armed x 15 times
Feet should width apart, dubmell in each hand, bend at waist and have weight at ankle height, stay bent over raise weights to chest then out until arms are straight out to sides at shoulder height, lower weights to ankles x15 times.
Put weights to the side.
Do 20-25 girly pushups
While on all fours bring leg up to side and extend leg until straight x15 per side
Stand on left leg with left arm extended above head and right arm extended to the side and slightly lean forward ... extend right leg behind body until straight then bring back to touch left leg x15 times then switch sides and do again.
Squat and place both hands on left knee..Feet together then extend right leg out to side straight. Back to feet together x15 times then hands on right knee and work left leg.
Stand with feet shoulder width apart. Hands on hips. Raise to toes and hold for 5 seconds. Squat then raise again x15 times.
Lay down. 50 more crunches. Do the leg hold thing while pressing dumbells again as above.
Still laying down hold weights out and above floor just so arms are doing something. Raise legs straight up at waist level, spread them out to sides as far as possible, bring feet together then keeping feet together back straight up. Then reverse it (straight up, feet together like a frog, legs open, use inner thighs to bring back to straight up)

I am completely in a sweat by the time that I am done with this and I am having results, I just wondered...shouldn't I be sore the next day or even later that day? I do this entire routine 3-5 days in a row depending on hubby's work week. It is either weds - fri or weds to sun. Sometimes if I don't do it in the morning when he leaves for work I will do it in the evening and it is much harder to do at night than in the morning.

I just found another page of ab workouts in a magazine that I might ad to this routine. I am starting to feel obsessed but nobody ever said this would be easy.

Sorry this was so long. Never planned it that way.
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