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Speaking of 'sausage parade': I was waiting in the hall outside the locker rooms at the Y, and the door kept opening to the men's locker room. Every time it opened, there would be a guy standing there, buck naked, looking like he had a reason to be standing there (passing by, for instance). When it happened maybe 5 or 6 times, and it was the same guy, I realized he was just 'flashing me'! Weird. He was actually looking at me, too. And I was looking back.

As a woman, somewhat modern, I think I've seen enough men's junk in my lifetime.

When someone's interested in 'junk,' or interested in showing his 'junk,' it's hard to know what to say! Hmmm, so you've got one. Hmmm, I've seen bigger. Hmmm, what's so sexy about saggy? And the best of all: Hmmm, does your momma know you're waving that thing at strangers?
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