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Originally Posted by rebekah_marie View Post
It may seem odd to share really personal feelings with total strangers, but somehow I think posting this will make me feel better.
1. I like food. I like cooking. I like eating.
It just feels like having fun and/or being happy is deeply tied to eating unhealthy foods. .
Bekah, so much of your post really hits home. I have shared some very intimate things on this forum. I think a natural by product of steady, healthy weight loss will inevitably lead to the emotional reasons why one is overweight.

I too like eating and cooking. I am slowly incorporating healthy new foods to cook AND enjoy. I recently happened upon whole wheat oatmeal waffles. Well, my lil toddler loves them just as much as my reg. butter laden waffles.

I love baking with my little girl. I want matching aprons for Christmas this year. We do still have 'real' treats. We made sugar cookies for father's day (dad's favorite). For her birthday we are going to have a fabulous cake with ice cream. These fun little parts of my life will not be erased, but each time my daughter and I share time together doesn't have to always be cookies and cupcakes.
.....So you have hit on a soar spot with me here LoL. Apart of me wants that nostalgic Mommy daughter baking cakes together. However, I realize her health is far more important. We DO still spend time together in the kitchen and she enjoys Mommy time making baked oatmeal squares, granola, homemade (healthy) popsicles, etc.

The following statement you made may be the toughest hurdle:
'It just feels like having fun and/or being happy is deeply tied to eating unhealthy foods.'

I think you know that being happy is not about consuming unhealthy foods to the point where your body is unhealthy. I think you typing that is, dare I say, a breakthrough revelation for you. Knowing our own ties/attachment to food allow us to step back away from our behavior and evaluate it a little more objectively.
Birthdays, Christmas will involve some nutritionally lacking foods that just taste good for tasting good sake. That is ok. Fitday has been very beneficial for me in realizing I can enjoy celebratory meals/foods/desserts. Portion control is where it is at for me.

Good luck on your journey!!
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