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Quinn, but does your hubby make eye contact with a guy he doesn't know and smile? If so, I bet he still wouldn't smile, then make a u-turn to join another guy in the hot tub. If he would, you... ummmmm. Smiling at a female is totally different. Guys will either give the head nod or say "how's it going?" to another guy.

But ask your husband if he were to walk into a public restroom and there are 3 urinals and there is a guy at #1 and 2 & 3 are vacant, which one does he choose. If he follows man law he'll say #3.

Actually ladies. I just did a quick google search for "man law" and there are many sites with different laws, some more than others but the one thing they have in common is you shouldn't take the urinal next to another guy, they only time that is acceptable is if there is a divider between the two. The other one that's the same with them all is you don't mess with your friends girl and there is a certain time period after they break up in which she's STILL off limits.

Maybe if women had similar laws there wouldn't be so many cat fights?
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