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OMG! This thread is hysterical!!! I'm sitting here, laughing all by myself. Wow, I had no idea that men had so many rules! It's really fascinating. I don't think women have any rules like that but I do agree that it's always the oldest women in locker rooms who walk around oblivious to the fact that they're naked. Just like on nude beaches... it's always the ones that shouldn't be nude that are!

I think you guys should produce a poster to put up above all public urinals with the rules clearly listed... lol.

I don't get the thing about not smiling, though... women are different on this one. We're always smiling at each other and giving each other compliments on how great they look, how cute their hair is, etc. My husband is always smiling and "chatty" but he was raised with 4 sisters... maybe that's why. lol He's probably giving the wrong impression!!!

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