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I am loving this topic. So many different views & opinions. I for one failed gym class in high school for refusing to dress so that tells you of my nudity in public. Now that I am older and more secure with myself I don't mind showing cleavage and things like that. I will run to the fridge for a drink after the kids are in bed for the night with nothing but unless he wakes up for a drink the hubby always has on boxers.

I used to have little/no gaydar. My SIL is a lesbian (a woman with a son and yes she is 100% gay...not bi...she hooked up with a guy long enough to get pregnant then kicked him to the curb) and we were friends in high school. I always thought she was a tomboy but didn't realize she was gay until I started dating her brother and he forced her to tell me. She didn't want to for fear I would break it off with her brother and stop coming around.

We have never been naked around each other even though I spent countless nights sleeping at her house both before & after I started dating her brother. LOL We were only 15 and he was 21! Heck we even slept together in a single size bed!

I know that as a guy I would not want another guy seeing my 'junk' and would probably pick a stall over a urinal if given a choice. I don't know how you all do it!
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