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This thread is comedy gold. Just sayin'

For the record, I'm middle-of-the-road modest. I played a lot of high school sports and so my nudity tolerance is pretty high, but I was always overweight and self-conscious about it so I tried to shower alone. The girls tended to walk around half-naked or with their underwear on the locker room and I was always fine with that.

I also hate the sitting on chairs or benches with their naked butts and privates. I mean, gross. What if you're sitting where someone else's stuff was rubbing? I've seen far too much of that without even a towel down for protection. I think, though, my line is crossed when someone is naked and just starts talking to me like it ain't no thang.

I tend to go and just stare riiiiight at their face. I'm not bisexual, so it's not a fear-of-getting-aroused thing, it's like a...privacy thing. Theirs as well as mine. I just think 'Would we all not be more comfortable if there was a towel involved?'

I think bodies are beautiful, and we all have one, etc. but all I can think of is hygiene in cases like that. I don't want your body touching on that bench I'm sitting on, or in one case a bare-butted girl just SAT on my clothes. WTF? I felt dirty putting my shirt on know...STUFF >.>

I hope that doesn't make me seem OCD clean, or anything, I think I just had too many jobs where I had to clean up after people so I tend to think people are GROSS, lol.
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