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Hi Nancy and Everyone,

We have been on holiday to Spain to stay with my husband's father and Spanish step-mother. I have been "off diet" as there was no way I could control what I ate without cause GREAT offence!

It was LARGE gin and tonics before lunch with at least two glasses of wine with lunch (you put your hand over your glass and say "no more thanks" and the min you look away it gets filled up! - very irritating). Then lunch consisted of very large portions of meat/sausage/cheese, olive oil dressing on EVERYTHING (I like olive oil, but its fattening), and salad (with olive oil poured on).

Then in the evening its exactly the same: MASSIVE gin and tonic, more wine and even larger portions, followed by cheese board and crackers AND cake. Oh and I havent mentioned breakfast - baskets of toast with home made jam and marmalade and gallons of coffee with full fat milk. It was all prepared with such love that you could not have refused even if you had wanted to.

I stood on the scales this morning (I know Nancy, not a good idea - but I had to know!) and was rather surprised to find that I have only put on 2.2lb.

So today, 8.8.2011, I am 212.6lb.

I am drinking loads of water today as I am just so thirsty (lots of salt as well as olive oil!).

I am going to have to slowly increase my exercise to pre-holiday levels (going for a walk was impossible due to heat/mosquitos) and I am feeling very sluggish at the mo.

Will report back in a few days with (hopefully) good news.

Love Nita
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