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Great! Congradulations on setting a goal. I am a firm beleiver in setting goals and working hard to acheive them

You say one of your biggest issues is staying motivated. If you struggle to stay motivated, can I suggest that you really dig deep to outline why you want to lose the weight. Write it out, and spell out all its deep and all its shollow meaning to you.

BUT, there's a flip side to motivation, that's even more important. I hate to say it but, just as its hard to change anything in our lives, its hard to change our habits. So, what's been helpful to me, is to come to terms with what I am willing to sacrifice in order to acheive my goal. Of course, giving up bad habits (if you have them) is something we should all do, but its natural to feel like we shouldn't have to. These sacrifices (and the feelings they bring-out of us) are the emotional part of the puzzel with weight loss. Of course, I don't know you. I don't know if this is your issue but I thought I'd share it case it was helpful to you.

Good luck and wishing you strong motivation.

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