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It is wonderful when the folks we live with want to make it easier for us and are supportive. We can ask that they make changes, but not expect it. But I believe that there is always a way to do a reasonable compromise. desertmountain's advice is good about the "danger foods." Just don't even be around them if you can manage.

I have a 13 year old son. Obviously I'm not going to make him eat the way I do, but I want him to be healthy, too, so I make swaps if I can, like Patti was describing...baked potato chips and pretzels instead of the fatty snacks, lowfat frozen yogurt or regular yogurt instead of ice cream, angel food cake or sponge cake with fruit on special occasions as opposed to other more fatty and sugary goodies. Tonight we had burgers...but I used extra lean ground beef, whole wheat rolls, baked potato "fries". My whole meal was 450 calories, and I didn't feel deprived at all; in fact, I'm stuffed! My personal preference is to have actual meat as opposed to veggie burgers, but those are an option too if you like. Maybe you and your hubby could have a lean cut of steak like sirloin; eat your 3 oz. and then load up on the veggies. I know there is a book out there called something like "Simple Swaps"; that might help you compromise on dinners and snacks and things. Let us know how it goes and hang in there .

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