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Originally Posted by Connor61 View Post
Thanks everyone for your responses but I calculated the total number of carbs and it was 231.25 grams of carbs a day! That's slot I didn't even come close to that today. Is that unhealthy? Is it good for loosing weight? I am also having trouble with the whole journaling process. I don't really know what to write down. And ideas?
I just use the Foods and Activities journals. Log EVERYTHING you eat/drink and any activities in which you engage above and beyond your "normal" lifestyle (which you should have chosen already). This will give you your calorie mix (percentage of carbs, fat and protien--I personally keep mine around 40/30/30) and give you a fairly accurate idea of your calorie deficit (or surplus) per day. FitDay's calculator, many of us find to be a bit optimistic so we add in another 8 hours of sleep to our daily activities.

If you have other questions, please ask.


PS I don't really worry about carbs--I work more on keeping my protien up to at least 100 grams a day. I do make sure most of my carbs are complex, from fruit, veggies, whole grain bread and so forth.
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