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LOL This site is so educational!! I have been hit on by women but never in the change room at the gym. I am usually so oblivious to come-ons by women that I don't pick up on it till my friends comment on them!

I agree a lot of comfort with nudity has to do with your upbringing. There was no nudity when I was growing up and my friends comment on how modest I am around them. Part of it is being overweight and having no desire for people to see me naked. One of my long time friends was shocked that I went skinny dipping with them last year but that's an entirely different context.

I think gay radar is vastly overrated. I know I have none. I have friends who are obviously gay and others you wouldn't know unless you were told.

As far as washroom comfort I guess we women should be glad we have stalls in our washrooms. Although there is that mystery of the fact we always go in groups. I always envied you guys for being able to pee standing up I may have to rethink that, LOL Mary

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